Jess Kidd is the author of Things in Jars, Himself and The Hoarder (also titled Mr. Flood’s Last Resort in the U.S.). She was the winner of the 2016 Costa Short Story Award. Jess’ debut novel, Himself, was published by Canongate in October 2016. The Hoarder, her second novel, hit the shelves in February 2018. Jess’s third novel Things in Jars came out 4 April 2019 and the fourth, The Night Ship is due out August 2022. Her children’s book Everyday Magic came out in 2020. She is also currently developing her own original TV projects with leading UK and international TV producers.


Kidd’s latest novel is The Night Ship, it is to be published on both sides of the Atlantic in August 2022. Her third novel Things in Jars came out in the UK in April 2019 and was published in the US in February 2020. The story features Bridie Devine, Victorian detective extraordinaire. Her second novel, The Hoarder (Mr Flood’s Last Resort in the US), came out on 1 February 2018, click on the images for further details and information about Kidd’s other writing.

International Editions

Have a look at how inventive international publishers have been in designing covers for Himself and The Hoarder we’ll be posting more examples soon. You could support your local bookshop by ordering from them or order online via links at the Writing page:

  • Dutch edition of <em>Himself</em>
  • German edition of <em>Himself</em>
  • Dutch edition of <em>The Hoarder</em>

Jess reading from Himself

Following the success of Himself Jess’s alma mater St Mary’s University invited her back to discuss her work and read from Himself. There is a longer version of the discussion available to view on You Tube. Here Jess is reading the prologue to Himself which contains the fuse which lights the whole story: