Jess Kidd wanted to be a writer before she could even write. She comes from a big noisy (and nosy) family where storytelling was a favourite pastime. Jess was quite shy when she was little so she learnt to write down the stories she imagined. Then she gave them to her friends and relatives to enjoy.

Jess has received praise for her books and always aims to give her readers an ‘experience.’ She is currently writing her fourth novel, teaching at her local college and working on TV and film projects. Oh, and playing tug-of-war over socks with Wilkie the dog.

Jess’s first book for kids was Everyday Magic, she’s planning many more.

Jess’s dog Wilkie Collins with some of his favourite books.

Some reviews of Everyday Magic

This charming crazy story had me giggling all the way through – a magical story about the power of true friendship – I loved it! — JASBINDER BILAN, author of ASHA & THE SPIRIT BIRD

Hilarious . . . Kidd balances immersive storytelling in scenes chock-full of absurd detail and incident, with authoritative narrative asides that puncture the suspense with comedy. Everyday Magic is an absolute treat of a book that will appeal to children who love magic, funny books or both. The IRISH TIMES

A spellbinding mix of friendship, fun and flying vacuum cleaners. Its pages positively crackle with enchantment. SUNDAY EXPRESS

Featuring daring circus tricks, mischievous little sisters, the mysterious Switherbroom Hall, and so much enchantment that the pages practically crackle with it, Everyday Magic is action-packed and bursting with fun. SINEAD O’HART, author of THE STAR-SPUN WEB

Everyday Magic is an easy and enjoyable read with lots of creative magical imaginings, vibrant characters and just the right amount of suspense to keep the pages turning quickly. THE INDEPENDENT, Children’s Book of the Week

Everything you’d expect from Jess Kidd, with an especially naughty twinkle in its eye! I loved it. EMMA CARROLL, author of THE SOMERSET TSUNAMI

A hugely entertaining book that will enchant and delight younger readers . . . Abounds with joyously madcap characters: familiars, ghosts, imps, witches. But underlying the plentiful fun and giggles is a story that centres on the power of friendship . . . Even with the richness of the world Jess Kidd has created, Everyday Magic is an effortless and charming read. ARMADILLO MAGAZINE

Everyday Magic is a complete adventure. It is filled with joyous moments . . . Fun, energetic and riveting. . . This is a wonderful book, entertaining from the first page to the last. WHISPERING STORIES